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GP (hotdog)                      (cats)
     Hi i am Garrett the amazing. This is my ultra radtastic super fantastic web site of awesomeness. This may not be that awesome to those of you viewers that are lame, boring or have no life just like my sister. I am 13 years old and am a 7th grader. I enjoy dirtbiking, atving, gocarting, messing with my phone, playing video games, watching tv, playing football and basketball, making the world rowdy and fun, hanging out with friends, getting in trouble, and causing mischeif. stareing at the sun, fighting, jumping off tall places, swiming, snowmobiling, eating candy, sleding, snowboarding, etc. This is what i do in my free time and i can't always do it all in one day. This about sums up my life.
     My four topics are Dirtbikes, the movie Dark Knight, Candy and super Heroes.  Click on the picture to see the topic. Enjoy my website.