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     This is Batman. Batman is also another one of my favorite super heroes. Batman's real name is bruce wane and his parents died when he was young when they walked out of the movie theater they were killed. Soon after batman saw a bat fly around him and became the symbol of the knight so protect from evil. And seeing as he inharited all the riches he could make a secret lab and all the equipment or reserch he needed. Also his butler would often help around the house and or lab. This is the story of Batman.
     This is my second example of Batman. Batman's arche enemies are penguin and the joker. Batman uses the most high tech gear out there besides guns today in his arsenal. Al you can see in the pictures he has a belt on in his belt or on his belt he carries his weopons. His mask lets him see things such as heat sensor or in the dark also his armor is very light weight but heavy protection. This sums up Batman and his outfit.
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