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     This is spiderman. Spider man is one of the first modern marvels to have 3 movies out based on him. The story behind spiderman and how it all started is. Before when he was known as peter parker he was the lame geek who no body liked and one day he went on a field trip that would change his life forever. The class went to a museum and peter took his camera he was taking many pictures. Finaly he was getting ready to take a picture of the girls he likes named mary jane.Then ut of no where a black widow landed on his hand and bit him. The next morning he woke up with super human strength and sight he had spidey senses and sticky hands. Soon after this incident his uncle died to  he vowed to deffend the city from crime.
     This is later after even though you see spider man it is mainly venom in the spider man suit. This gives him the condidence, energy, speed and agility he needs to keep up with the vilens in the city that arise from the depths of the society. Later on we find out that the venom suit causes him to act out and change soon he is just a hallow shell of his former self. And makes many new enemies. Then he gets the suit off but a man who dislikes him finds it and puts it on then tries to kill him and his freinds and an old former friend that hates him changes into a good guy to help spidey save the day.
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